About Us

Hello, my name is Steph I'm the farmer at Wild Field Urban Farm! Wild Field is a bicycle-powered, hand-tended farm in Erie's lower East Side. The farm produces a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers for my household (three housemates, one dog, and three rabbits!), our neighbors, our farm-share members, and several local farmer's markets. The farm's mission is to grow plants for food and beauty, with nature and in community.

How We Grow

With Nature

We nurture soil life and respect its ecology by cover cropping, no-till, composting, and using plants as mulch instead of plastic


We avoid pesticides or insecticides--that's why our greens might have a few holes in the leaves. We create pollinator habitat around the farm and we leave lots of flowers unpicked for the bees!


The farm is not just a workplace, it's home. We share seeds, produce,  and recipes with our neighbors. We invite the kids over to pick berries and pet the bunnies. We share farmland with those in need of gardening space.

Simplicity & Joy

We celebrate the arrival of each flower variety. We live in gratitude. We savor each fruit and vegetable during its season. We opt to repair, repurpose, and preserve rather than purchase.