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About Us

Freshly dug carrots from an urban garden

Hello, my name is Steph. With help and support from many, many people, I'm the main tender of Wild Field Urban Farm. At Wild Field, we live and work alongside Erie's lower east side community where we seek to listen, learn, and share the life-affirming possibilities of growing (and growing with) gardens. We farm to honor the agricultural traditions of our Polish and Anabaptist ancestors while uplifting the rich and diverse foodways of those who also call our community home. We strive to live simply, kindly, and seasonally, with farming practices rooted in joy and love. The farm and gardens provide test plots for learning and modeling reciprocity, interdependence, liberation, and community care.

How We Grow

With Nature

We nurture soil and respect its web of life by using sustainable agricultural practices like composting, cover cropping, organic inputs, and no till. We grow hedgerows and perennials and never use herbicides or fungicides.


We never spray pesticides or insecticides--that's why our greens might have a few holes in the leaves. We create pollinator habitat around the farm and we leave lots of flowers unpicked for the bees!


The farm is not just a workplace, it's home. We share seeds, produce,  and recipes with our neighbors. We share farmland with those in need of gardening space, so please reach out if you need a small bit of land and live nearby.

Simplicity & Joy

We celebrate the arrival of each flower variety. We live in gratitude. We savor each fruit and vegetable during its season. We seek to repair, repurpose, and preserve what we have rather than purchase things new .

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